What are the Effects of a Clogged Air Filter on the Air Fuel Mixture?

A clogged air filter can have a significant impact on the air-fuel mixture of your engine, leading to a decrease in fuel economy, strange engine noise, and reduced performance. The lack of oxygen in the fuel-oxygen mixture due to incorrect air flow in and out of the engine causes the engine to consume more fuel to generate enough energy to move at the same speed or distance as the vehicle with a clean, functional air filter. This results in a rich fuel mixture in the engine's combustion process, leading to low fuel efficiency, engine power, exhaust overheating, and power delays. Additionally, a clogged air filter will affect emissions, as excess fuel from the air-fuel mixture travels to the exhaust pipe.

To confirm this, you'll need to scan your vehicle with a diagnostic tool, since an engine check light can mean hundreds of different things. A clean air filter is usually white or off-white in color. In the case of a reusable K&N filter, it will be more plum-colored. To this day, as the engine's intake air filter performs its function, it becomes clogged and, consequently, less air reaches the combustion chamber.

However, the difference in modern engines is that there is a sensor near the inlet of the filter duct, called a mass air flow sensor, which actually measures the amount of air the engine absorbs. If the sensor detects that not as much air is entering as required by the engine design, this information is tabulated using a computer chip, which then recalculates the amount of fuel that the fuel injectors put into the cylinder for the above-mentioned explosion. Less detected airflow means less fuel dispensed. However, performance is still affected.

Now, theoretically, the filter can be so clogged that no air flows, at which point the mass air flow sensor tells the chip that there is no air, so no fuel is injected and, therefore, there is no explosion. A decrease in your MPG is usually a clear sign that you may need to replace your air filter. In general, it's recommended to change the oil filter on your Volkswagen every three years or 30,000 miles. The cabin intake filter filters the air that enters the vehicle's cabin before it is processed by heating or cooling systems. Formerly, there were things called carburettors that inhaled air, sucked gas through a rubber hose and put the whole mixture into a cylinder to be compressed with a piston, after which a spark ignited everything to make a small, powerful explosion. Unfortunately, if you don't check your cabin air filter first - about fifty dollars - you can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the maintenance and repair of the heating and cooling system when all you need is a new cabin air filter. Once an air filter is too clogged and stops working it can decrease car performance and even damage the engine.

Replacing an air filter is actually one of the easiest DIY tasks you can do on your vehicle so 95% of people should be able to change it themselves. For optimal and safe performance of your engine be sure to address symptoms of dirty air filter immediately and always have clean air filter in place. Your internal combustion engine must mix about 10 000 liters of air with every liter of fuel to operate efficiently. Because filter affects air-fuel mixture not enough air may enter fuel injection system to actually burn all fuel. You can even hear slight whistle if airflow limited due to excessive build-up on filter screen. Without clean air filter engine risks accumulating all kinds dirt and dirt that will cause safe failure in future.

Many manufacturers and engine experts recommend replacing an air filter every 19 000 km (approximately 12 000 miles) or every year. As result plug cannot emit spark suitable ignite air-fuel mixture and subsequently car's engine fails or does not start causing car experience strong shocks at idle and especially when accelerating. As car owner you should watch for symptoms dirty air filter ensure that your engine kept free debris. With Premium Guard air filters you know you get up 12 000 miles engine protection against dust and harmful particles.

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